Feast of Sant'Alberto in Trapani

Feast of Sant'Alberto in Trapani

Berthold Werner - CC3.0

 2023 Aug 6 - 7

 Trapani (TP)

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In Trapani, on August 7, the celebrations are held in honor of Sant'Alberto, who has always been considered a co-patron by the citizens, together with the Madonna of Trapani.
On the eve of the holiday, according to an ancient tradition, during the Eucharistic liturgy the water is blessed in memory of the miracle performed by the Saint in favor of the dying son of King Peter III of Aragon, who was miraculously healed by a sip of water containing small pieces of a Saint Albert's dress. The procession of the Simulacrum of Sant'Alberto also takes place, which leaves the Sanctuary of the Madonna of Trapani every year on board a cart pulled by devotees. During the procession we witness the mayor's delivery of the keys to the city.
On the feast day, after the Solemn Pontifical, the procession of the Simulacrum-reliquary takes place through the historic centre. The return of the simulacrum to the Sanctuary follows.

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