Infiorata di Noto

Infiorata di Noto

giomodica - CC3.0

 17 - 21 May 2024

 Noto (SR)

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The infiorata di Noto, considered one of the most beautiful events in Sicily, takes place every year on the third weekend of May. The festival is part of the "Baroque Spring" event in Noto. The event of the Infiorata was born in 1980 from the meeting of Genzanese and Noto flower artists, and it is in the city of Genzano, in the province of Rome, that this new pictorial technique is developed.
Frame the infiorata it is via Corrado Nicolaci, dominated at the top by the Church of Montevergini which contrasts with the palace of Prince Nicolaci Villa Dorata, which is flowered in all its length and width. The carpet covers an area of ​​700 square meters and is made up of 16 sketches made by skilled artists who, every year, propose different motifs. The work of infioratura of the panels lasts all night and on the day of the party the floral carpet welcomes thousands of visitors. During the day, shows and collateral initiatives take place.

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