Market Exhibition - Gangi Wild Boar Festival

Market Exhibition - Gangi Wild Boar Festival

 Oct 2024

 Foro Boario - Gangi (PA)

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The Wild Boar Festival in Gangi takes place within the Madonie Agrozootechnics Market Fair event and takes place in the month of October.
The Gangi Agrozootechnics Market Fair attracts operators in the agrozootechnical sector who will put on display the best livestock in the area and agricultural machinery and equipment.
Numerous initiatives are organized within the fair that involve visitors and curious people: exhibitions, competitions, show cooking, talks, tasting and craft stands.
The Wild Boar Festival (sus scrofa and all its phenotypic forms) is also organised, during which it is possible to taste specialties based on the Madonie wild boar in an atmosphere of celebration and fun.

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