Easter in Collesano

Easter in Collesano

Giuseppe valenza - CC3.0

 Apr 2025

 Collesano (PA)

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La Cerca

During of Easter in Collesano a very ancient rite takes place, 'A Cerca, a procession of the mystery of the Passion of Jesus Christ.
At the traditional appointments of the Holy Week, such as the blessing of the olive branches and palms which takes place on Palm Sunday, and the traditional visit to the sepulchres on Holy Thursday, the rites of Good Friday, the procession of the Cerca, are of considerable importance.
The procession begins in the early morning and is made up of the various confreres, arranged in a row, who wear a long white tunic, a brown cape, and have their faces covered by a white hood on which a crown of thorns is placed. The confreres carry the symbols of the Passion of Jesus in their hands: olive branches and a half-bust simulacrum of Christ. Closing the procession is a figure who impersonates Jesus Christ who drags a heavy wooden cross, wich is escorted by Roman soldiers and hooded men. Follow the disciples, pious women and children dressed as angels.

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