Easter in Sutera

Easter in Sutera

 31 Mar 2024

 Sutera (CL)

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Particularly evocative are the Rites of Holy Week in Sutera.
The rites of Holy Week begin with Palm Sunday during which the blessing of the intertwined palms and olive branches carried in procession by the faithful from the Church of the Carmine to the Maria SS. Assunta, with songs and hymns to Christ the King, and from the Church of Sant'Agata to the Church of San Giovanni.
During the Holy Week the Sepulchres are set up in the hiese della Madrice, Sant'Agata, Carmine and San Giovanni. These sepulchres are set up using the "lavuredda", that is the wheat or vetch that are traditionally sprouted in the dark to preserve the characteristic yellow-gold color.
Holy Thursday, the three brotherhoods of the SS. Sacramento, the whites, the Holy Spirit, the reds and Maria SS. of the Agonizzanti, the greens, after sunset, visit the Sepulchres with a large part of the population in tow. at 3.00 pm, in Piazza del Carmine, the tragic meeting takes place: the bearers of the Addolorata accelerate their pace to signify the pain of the Mother in seeing the Son. The two simulacra enter the Church of Carmelo where the fatal rite of crucifixion takes place.
On the evening of Good Friday, a procession takes place with the Confraternities accompanying the sacred urn with the dead Christ and the Addolorata in the Church of Sant 'Agate. During the journey, groups of singers sing the laments of the passion, crucifixion and death of Jesus, giving the procession an atmosphere of great emotion. Of particular importance is a lament in dialect called "Chiangi chiangi Maria".

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