Eel Festival in Sinagra

Eel Festival in Sinagra

 Aug 2024

 Piazza San Teodoro - Sinagra (ME)

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The Eel Festival in Sinagra takes place every year in August and celebrates the "pointed head" eel, caught in the Naso stream that flows next to the village.
The festival was born in 1979 from 'initiative of some friends who realized that the summer events lacked something that gave prominence to the country, something that was truly characteristic of the place. Thus was born the Eel Festival in Sinagra, an opportunity to taste eel-based dishes, dishes with a very particular flavor that is difficult to find in other Italian locations.
Among the dishes that can be tasted at the festival, there are: grilled eels, eel stew, roasted eels accompanied by the classic Sicilian caponata and eels alla cacciatora.
During the event folkloristic, musical and entertainment shows are organised.

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