Strawberry Festival in Maletto

Strawberry Festival in Maletto

ZioDave - CC2.0

 5, 6, 7 Jul 2024

 Maletto (CT)

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The Strawberry Festival in Maletto celebrates the fruit par excellence of the village: the Maletto Strawberry. The nature of the soil, the abundance of water sources and the favorable climatic conditions make the Maletto strawberries sweet, red, juicy, fragrant and with a unique flavour.
The excellence achieved in the production of strawberries has in fact given Maletto the nickname of city of strawberries.
On the occasion of the Strawberry Festival, gastronomic stands are set up in the main squares of the village where it will be possible to taste Maletto strawberries, all the dishes, desserts and the jams made with them, as well as typical local products and dishes.
During the event, stands are also set up with local handicraft products, and show cooking, folkloristic, musical and entertainment shows are organised.
The most awaited moment of the event is the making of a large strawberry cake that is traditionally offered to all visitors.

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