Pititti, Pititteddi and Liccumarei festival in Melilli

 Pititti, Pititteddi and Liccumarei festival in Melilli

 Sep 2024

 Melilli (SR)

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Every summer in Melilli the Sagra dei Pititti, Pititteddi and Liccumare is organized which aims to enhance the typical dishes and gastronomic traditions of this land.
On the occasion of this gastronomic event it is possible to taste typical products and dishes of the territory: cudduruni a miliddisa, crunchy pasta with a soft heart in which the strong flavors of the sea and the land blend together, mpanate with potatoes, onion and sausage, mpanate with broccoli and sausage; pipajoli ca' 'ngiovi, i.e. peppers with anchovies, crastuni che pee, osiia snails with peppers, nsalata di puppu, i.e. octopus salad, zippule,...
Many events, such as musical and entertainment shows, show cooking , and folkloristic shows, are organized on the occasion of the festival.

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