Favare in Pantelleria

Favare in Pantelleria

Silvana Gallio - CC4.0


 Loc. Montagna Grande - Pantelleria (TP)

The Favare di Pantelleria are powerful jets of water vapor mixed with minerals , with temperatures reaching up to 100 ° C, which emerge intermittently from the subsoil in several points through cracks in the rock. This is the most important example of the secondary volcanic phenomena that characterize the island of Pantelleria. The inhabitants of Pantelleria call the fumaroles and the volcanic steaming grounds with the term Favara .
On the south side of the Montagna Grande, it is possible to admire one of the most majestic spectacles of the slope, that is La Favára Grande of Pantelleria.
The steam of the faváre, especially those of the group of the Favára Grande on the Big Mountain, in contact with the air condenses into droplets of water which, through a collection system, was collected in small tanks dug into the rock and used to water grazing animals. The farmers, to favor and increase the condensation of water vapor, covered the terminal mouths with reeds and dry branches.

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