Grande Mountain in Pantelleria

Grande Mountain in Pantelleria

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 Loc. Montagna Grande - Pantelleria (TP)

The Montagna Grande in Pantelleria is a former volcanic cone whose surface has been inserted within the Oriented Natural Reserve of Pantelleria. Inside the reserve there are ancient paths, which can be traveled on foot, which allow you to admire the beauties of this island, a truly unique environment compared to all the other islands in the Mediterranean.
A Montagna There are large forests of holm oaks and maritime pines, the forest scrub with heather shrubs and wild broom, the garica rich in the scents of wild essences, such as rosemary, oregano, fennel and mint. The perimeter of this volcanic cone is also scattered with small Favare, powerful jets of water vapor mixed with minerals that emerge intermittently from the subsoil.
From the Montagna Grande it is possible to enjoy breathtaking views: its north / east orientation allows you to see the coast of Sicily on particularly clear days; from the east side you can enjoy a view that extends over the crater of Monte Gibele and the districts of Khamma and Tracino. Shortly before reaching the summit there is a rest area equipped with tables and benches.
The flora of the reserve deserves particular attention, there are 600 botanical species and 8 of these exist only on this island. Furthermore, the Pantelleria caper is grown in the Piana della Ghirlanda. Pantelleria is also the only European Park to host the nests of the Algerian Blue Tit and Beccamoschino birds, and the place where even the very rare Greek tortoises find refuge.

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