Archaeological Museum in Lipari

Archaeological Museum in Lipari

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 Via Castello, 2 - Lipari (ME)

The Luigi Bernabò Brea Aeolian Regional Archaeological Museum is located in the Castle complex which dominates the island of Lipari and is named after Luigi Bernabò Brea, great archaeologist and Superintendent of Eastern Sicily . The place where the museum stands has represented a natural fortress offering, since prehistoric times, a safe home to the inhabitants. The Rocca was inhabited from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age, became Acropolis in the Greek and Roman Age and then a fortified citadel today called Castello.
The exhibition space is divided into over 40 rooms, located in different buildings of the Castle complex, and divided into several sections: the prehistoric section in which finds dating back to the prehistory of Lipari and the Greek foundation of Lipara are shown; the classical section dedicated to materials from the Archaic, Classical, Roman and Byzantine periods; the underwater archeology room; the epigraphic section in which memorial stones and funerary stems from the Greek-Roman necropolis of Lipari are exhibited; the section of the smaller islands with prehistoric finds from the islands of Punta Milazzese in Panarea and Capo Graziano in Filicudi; the volcanological section which illustrates the geomorphology and volcanism of the Aeolian Islands; and finally the paleontological section.
The rooms exhibit architectural structures, examples of sculpture in marble and stone, funerary objects, vases, memorial stones, tombstones and stone sarcophagi that testify to the life of the polis and the evolution of the cult of the dead. In addition, ceramics of various types and shapes, theatrical masks and clay statues.

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