Pit of the Chaplain in Linosa

Pit of the Chaplain in Linosa

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Cda Fossa del Cappellano
Linosa (AG)

The Fossa del Cappellano a Linosa is the main crater of the island. Pit of the chaplain is located in the center of the island and has a diameter of 600 meters. The edge of the explosion crater of Fossa Capellano has today become a rounded hill, the inside of the crater is now densely cultivated.
The fossa del Cappellano is dominated by three other cones: Monte Vulcano, Monte Rosso, Monte Nero and on the slopes of this, a smaller crater that reaches a height of only 50 m. Although volcanic activity on the island of Linosa ceased a long time ago, the ancient lava flows have shaped the landscape, giving it a characteristic dark gray appearance and colour.

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