Vulcano Mount in Linosa

Vulcano Mount in Linosa

Boris Behncke - CC2.0


Contrada Fossa Cappellano
Linosa (AG)

Monte Vulcano in Linosa is an imposing rocky conformation that reigns over the entire island, the extreme tip of a now extinct volcano. From the top of Monte Vulcano it is possible to enjoy a splendid panorama and admire the other two volcanoes of the island, Monte Rosso and Monte Nero, and the entire island itself with its contrasts of color and scrub Mediterranean.
Monte Vulcano is also a particularly dear destination for lovers of trekking and hiking. The top of the mountain, reachable via a dirt path designed by the forestry body, has luxuriant vegetation and a large Mediterranean scrub with prickly pears and shrubs.

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