Church of the Santissimo Rosario in Castanea delle Furie

Church of the Santissimo Rosario in Castanea delle Furie


 Piazza SS. Rosario - Castanea delle Furie (ME)

The Church of the Most Holy Rosary was established as a parish in 1628. Its foundation is linked to the centuries-old dispute between the knights of Malta and the bishops of Messina for jurisdiction over the village.
After the earthquake of 28 December 1908, the church did not remain than a few damaged and crumbling walls, the only witnesses of a splendor of three centuries of art. It was rebuilt on the remains of the previous church in Romanesque - eclectic style and reopened for worship in 1933.
The current structure has a longitudinal Latin cross plan with three naves resting on steps. The central nave frames a rose window with multicolored glass and has a roof covering and a coffered counter ceiling decorated with stuccoes and frescoes.
Some marble frontals decorated with colored arabesques and some canvases have been recovered from the ancient structure. which still adorn the church today. A small bell tower with a four-pitched roof where there are still four bronze bells next to the left façade.
Among the works kept in the church of particular value are: the sixteenth-century white marble statue of the Madonna with Child known as “del Tonnaro” which evokes the canons of Tuscan-Roman mannerism; the marble statue of the Madonna della Portella; a valuable baptismal font.

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