The church of San Carlo Borromeo in Castel di Lucio

The church of San Carlo Borromeo in Castel di Lucio is the seat of the Confraternity of the same name, established in the 17th century by the will of some families of the Castelluccese aristocracy, and in the days of the beginning of Lent it is the place where the famous Quarantore di Castel di Lucio take place. Lucio.
The building was built in the early seventeenth century and rebuilt in 1750.
The simple facade is embellished by a rich and elegant portal.
The interior is covered by a barrel vault with 19th century frescoes by Salvatore de Caro. The frescoes depict some biblical scenes, each separated by stucco frames and are striking for their remarkable beauty and chromatic effect.
Inside the church there are several works by the master cabinetmakers of Castel di Lucio: the Altare dello Spirito Santo by Antonino Stimolo and an octagonal pulpit by Nicolò Campo. There is also the only frontal still existing in the town: an oil painting from the 17th century depicting floral scrolls that frame a basket overflowing with fruit.
Inside the church there is also a large 17th-century canvas depicting San Carlo in penitential act with, in the background, the city of Milan while the plague is raging. The peculiarity of this canvas, by an unknown artist, is the foot of the Saint which appears too disproportionate and stocky compared to the rest of the figure. Detail that, it is believed, must have been wanted. The main hypothesis formulated to explain the large size of the foot is that these want to highlight the noble coat of arms placed under it, probably belonging to the Cannizzaro family, then lords of the Terre di Castelluccio.
Finally, the banners are conserved here of the brotherhoods and the ancient list of members of the brotherhood of San Carlo.

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