Hannibal of France Museum in Messina

Hannibal of France Museum in Messina


 Via Santa Cecilia, 121 - Messina (ME)

Annibale Maria di Francia Museum reproduces, in 1/2 scale, the Avignon district , the most infamous of the pre-earthquake Messina , place of action of the Messina Sant'Annibale Maria Di Francia, canonized by Pope John Paul II in 2004. The Museum also houses objects from the neighborhood, all the memories and clothes of the Saint. The museum was designed by Eng. arch. Livio Lucà Trombetta and was inaugurated in 2000 by the Archbishop emeritus of Messina, Ignazio Cannavò.
Three alleys are represented: in the first one lived the poor inhabitants; in the second all the activity of the neighborhood was conveyed and it was the meeting and recreation place, the tailor's shop, the typography and the shoe shop overlooked it; in the third alley the 1886 chapel and the religious rooms looked out. After the earthquake of 1908, the Saint Hannibal also lived in this alley.
The museum also houses showcases containing poor art tools from the Avignon district, jealously preserved by Father Annibale; tools used in the workshops of the Avignon Casette; all the memories and the clothes of the Saint. A showcase is also dedicated to the two Congregations founded by the Holy Hannibal: the "Rogationists" and the "Daughters of Divine Zeal".

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