Interdisciplinary Museum of Messina

Interdisciplinary Museum of Messina

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 Viale della Libertà, 465 - Messina (ME)

The Regional Interdisciplinary Museum of Messina, also known as MuMe, occupies the premises of the former Basilian monastery of San Salvatore dei Greci and the adjacent nineteenth-century former Mellinghoff spinning mill for temporary exhibitions.
The museum itinerary follows a chronological order with different colors to represent the different artistic eras. Inside the Interdisciplinary Museum of Messina, works by some of the most famous and appreciated Italian artists are exhibited, such as: Antonello da Messina, Caravaggio, Annibale Carracci, Mattia Preti, Girolamo Alibrandi, Vincenzo Catena, Francesco Laurana. In addition to the Italian Masters, jewels from the precious treasure from the Cathedral of Messina are also exhibited, including the precious Flowery branch in gold, pearls, enamels, emeralds of Messina goldsmiths of the late seventeenth, early eighteenth century and the jewels of the Two crowns of sacred image, a work of Sicilian goldsmiths from the early 14th and 17th centuries. These are the only jewels on display: the other pieces are kept in the MuMe deposits.

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