Sanctuary of the Madonna di Dinnammare in Messina

The sanctuary of the Madonna di Dinnammare in Messina is one of the most important Marian sanctuaries in Sicily. It stands on the top of Monte Dinnammare, immersed in the Peloritani mountain chain.
There are several hypotheses regarding the origin of the term Dinnamare: a first hypothesis states that the name derives from the Latin term bimaris , since from its summit it is possible to enjoy the view of the two seas, the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian; a second hypothesis attributes its origin to the Arab world, according to which Dinammar is composed of din, which means in Arabic religion or reward, and from the proper name Ammar, a frequent name in medieval documents.
Its origin is linked to two legends. The date of construction is not known, but it is certain that the building dates back to the Byzantine era.
The current church, of medieval inspiration, was rebuilt in 1899 by the military who had demolished it to build the homonymous fort, which was to serve for the control of the whole area of ​​the strait from incursions coming from the south and north. Recent restorations have brought to light, under the plaster, the natural beauty of the exposed brick walls. The interiors are very simple, completely in stone, and not very bright.
Of particular artistic value is a nineteenth-century marble relief depicting the Madonna of Dinnammare: the Madonna and Child is depicted on a throne supported by two sea monsters or dolphins .
On August 3rd of each year, the sanctuary is the destination of the pilgrimage which leaves at night from the Village of Larderia and reaches the sanctuary in the early hours of the morning.

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