Venus Pool in Capo Milazzo

Venus Pool in Capo Milazzo

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 Capo Milazzo - Milazzo (ME)

The Pool of Venus of Milazzo is located at the foot of the end of the long promontory of Capo Milazzo, at Punta Messinese. It is a body of water surrounded by a crown of rocks and rocks that fills up at high tide and retains the water during low tide. The water is therefore warm and shallow, ideal for a bath.
To reach the Piscina di Venere you have to take a path that starts from the Belvedere del Promontorio square. It is possible to leave the car in the special parking lots in the area. The path crosses various panoramic points and leads to a stone staircase, which allows you to descend to the shore of the so-called Punta Messinese, reaching the Piscina di Venere.
From the square it is also possible to reach the Rock Sanctuary of Sant’Antonio da Padova.

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