Waterfalls Valley in Nebrodi Park

Waterfalls Valley in Nebrodi Park


  Mistretta (ME)

Waterfalls Valley is located in the ancient Messina town of Mistretta, about four kilometers from its inhabited center, in the valley below Montepiano, within the Nebrodi Park.
It is a naturalistic site consisting of a significant number of waterfalls of various sizes, active mainly from autumn to late spring. The highest of them, the Pietrebianche Waterfall, located in the Pietrebianche district, reaches 33 meters. A short distance away there are nine other waterfalls, each with its own characteristic conformation, whose heights range from 8 to 25 meters: Cascata argentea, Salto del fawn, Cascata Ciddia, Cascata Rosy Grace, Cascata Acquasanta, Cascade of Ciddia bridge, Cascata Cuttufa and Waterfall of the Fairies. Most of the waterfalls are located along two streams, which flow not far from each other, coming from the nearby districts.
The falls are not easily visible so it is recommended to rely on local guides.

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