Bagheria Madrice Church

Bagheria Madrice Church

Davide Mauro - CC4.0


 Piazza Vittorio Emanuele III - Bagheria (PA)

The Mother Church of Bagheria , dedicated to the Nativity of Mary , was built by Salvatore Branciforti, starting in 1769, on a project by the architect Salvatore Attinelli, to replace the small small church that was located inside Palazzo Butera.
The Aspra stone facade, in neoclassical style, consisting of Corinthian pillars and columns, has a portal surmounted by an arch on which the Branciforti coat of arms is located. Around the end of the nineteenth century, Domenico Mangione, notable of the time, had the façade of the church enriched with a still functioning clock. Towards the middle of the twentieth century the bell tower was erected over the pre-existing one that has been raised.
The interior of the Church is richly decorated with polychrome marble, frescoes and historical artifacts. The Church consists of a single nave with the main altar containing the wooden statue of the Immaculate Conception. Near the main altar, there is a medallion depicting a Madonna and Child, in marble, from the Gagini school, donated by the founder. The nave is enriched by four side altars which contain: a canvas with the Madonna del Rosario, one with San Bonaventura, a painting of San Francesco and San Giuseppe with the Child Jesus, and a wooden Crucifix.
Among the works present of notable interest are the large organ and the cradle of Maria Bambini, completely covered with gold leaves, donated by Prince Branciforti of Butera.

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