Church of the Most Holy Crucifix in Bagheria

Church of the Most Holy Crucifix in Bagheria


 Piazza Cirrincione - Bagheria (PA)

The Church of the Most Holy Crucifix and of the Holy Souls of the Purgatory of Bagheria , also known as the Church of the Miseremini , was built in 1710 and is the second church built in Bagheria.
In 1870 it was enlarged to its current size. In 1902 the façade was commissioned by the engineer Filippo Scordato.
The façade, in Aspra stone, is punctuated by simple decorative elements. In the central part it has a refined three-dimensional decoration through five arches enriched with mullioned windows, surmounted by a rose window.
The interior has three naves divided by columns. On the main altar there is a 19th-century wooden statue depicting the Immaculate Virgin made by Cosimo Quattrociocchi.

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