Church of San Giovanni Evangelista in Modica

Church of San Giovanni Evangelista in Modica

Pasquale Relvini - CC4.0


 Piazza San Giovanni - Modica (RG)

The Church of San Giovanni Evangelista di Modica is located in the historic center of the city and the cross that surmounts the spire is the highest point of the entire city with its 449 meters.
According to historical sources the church already existed in 1150, it is therefore believed that it is the first religious building in the city of Modica. It was severely damaged by the earthquake of 1693 and then rebuilt in the Baroque style. Following the last restoration in 1893, the façade took on its current appearance in neoclassical style.
Of considerable value is the Statuary Group of the Addolorata of the sixteenth century which is kept inside of the church. The statuary group is made up of the statues of the Virgin Mary and Martha weeping for Jesus who has just died in the arms of the Magdalene. The statues of the dying Redeemer hanging from the Cross and that of his disciple John were added to the original statuary group in the nineteenth century.
Outside, the church boasts an imposing staircase bordered on the sides by twenty-six pillars, which once supported as many statues. Today only three remain. On the left side of the church, a winding network of narrow streets leads to the Belvedere of the upper town, the so-called Pizzo, from which it is possible to admire the historic center.

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