Modica Chocolate Museum

Modica Chocolate Museum


 Corso Umberto I, 149 - Modica (RG)

The Chocolate Museum of Modica was created with the aim of protecting and maintaining the heritage of knowledge linked to the centuries-old chocolate tradition of the city of Modica. Modica chocolate is the p oldest chocolate in the world and the only European chocolate recognized since 2018 as a Protected Geographical Indication PGI product. For this reason, the city of Modica is known as the " City of Chocolate ".
The different itineraries of the museum allow you to retrace the history of chocolate from ancient times to the present day. In the exhibition spaces, numerous tools and tools used in the processing of chocolate are shown, from the oldest to the most recent. Inside the Chocolate Museum you can also admire a nine-meter miniature of Italy entirely made of Modica chocolate.

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