Church of Madonna del Carmine in Scicli

Church of Madonna del Carmine in Scicli

Davide Mauro - CC4.0


 Piazza Busacca - Scicli (RG)

The Church of the Madonna del Carmine in Scicli and the annexed Convent constitute a site of considerable value for the city. Of all the ecclesiastical architectures of the city of Scicli, the Carmine complex stands out for the stylistic homogeneity among the various architectural, sculptural and pictorial components, all in Rococo style .
The convent was founded in 1368, and was annexed to the church of San Giacomo Interciso, which was later destroyed by the earthquake of 1693, rebuilt and dedicated to Santa Maria Annunziata. The church, later dedicated to the Madonna del Carmine, presents an altar dedicated to the Madonna Annunziata inside, as evidence of this superimposition. The façade develops on three orders and is divided into three compartments by bands of pilasters. The main portal is decorated with leaf motifs and surmounted by a large window in the second order. The third order is concluded by one of the seven statues that adorn the facade.
The interior has a single nave preceded by a bi-apsidal narthex with a large overhanging choir, and ending with a semicircular apse.
Among the works preserved inside the church we remember the large canvases of the eighteenth century, depicting "the Adoration of the shepherds", "the Annunciation", "the Transfiguration" and "The Carmelite Saints", works by Costantino Carasi. Of particular value is a cedar wood crucifix from the 15th century.
The annexed convent del carmine has a façade divided into two orders: in the lower order there are the shop rooms and the portico, which leads to the courtyard; in the upper one a series of windows and a central balcony enriched by a wrought iron railing. The Cross of the Knights of Malta is carved under some windows.
The courtyard of the convent has undergone numerous alterations, therefore only the southern and northern sides have retained their original appearance. On these sides there are two loggias surmounted by a niche that houses the statue of the Madonna.

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