Fountain of Nymph in Castelvetrano

Fountain of Nymph in Castelvetrano


 Via Filippo Cordova, 4 - Castelvetrano (TP)

The Fountain of the Nymph of Castelvetrano was built in 1615, by Orazio Pigrone, to commemorate the construction of the imposing Bigini aqueduct and the city's water network.
The fountain is made of marble and it is about nine meters high and is placed on a wall covered with stone and defined on the top by a cornice and an architectural element with volutes bearing the coat of arms of the city. It has four tiers of tubs. A niche surmounted by a shell motif on the fourth source houses a marble statue: a nymph sits on a cliff and holds in her right hand a jug from which water gushed out, and in her left she holds a cornucopia, the symbol of abundance par excellence. . The Baroque style of the whole is evident from the volutes that are repeated for the three floors of the building, while a late Baroque tympanum with a curved line defines it at the top. The image of a palm, symbol of the Tagliavia family, is repeated several times in the fountain; today the palm is the emblem of the city and is part of the city coat of arms.

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