Selinus Theater in Castelvetrano

Selinus Theater in Castelvetrano

Matthias Süßen - CC3.0


 Piazza Carlo D'Aragona, 7 - Castelvetrano (TP)

The Selinus Theater in Castelvetrano is a small, ingenious work in neoclassical style.
It was built at the end of the nineteenth century on a project by the architect Giuseppe Patricolo, in he area where originally a modest inn stood, which in 1787 hosted the great poet Wolfgang Goethe, during his trip to Sicily. It was inaugurated in 1908 with its first performance. In 1910 the Selinus Theater was enriched with a grandiose work created by the Marsala artist Gennaro Pardo: a large sheet, which acts as a curtain, which represents the apotheosis of Empedocles in Selinunte.
The Theater is built in full neoclassical style and it stands out for its candid façade with Doric columns, which recalls the architectural style of the temples of Selinunte.

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