Sanctuary of the Madonna della Libera in Partanna

Sanctuary of the Madonna della Libera in Partanna


 Cda Montagna - Partanna (TP)

The Sanctuary of the Madonna della Libera di Partanna is a modern building with an elliptical plan in reinforced concrete.
It was built in 1980 on a project by the architect Baldassare Antonimi and stands on the ruins of the nineteenth-century church dedicated to Madonna della Libera, which collapsed following the earthquake of 1968.
Considered a real architectural jewel, the planimetric layout in the curved lines of the structure re-proposes the shape of two arms resting on the ground, they join their hands towards the sky, as a sign of prayer.
Of particular interest is a wooden group from 1929, by Ferdinando Stuflesser, entitled "The Madonna frees a young girl from the flames ".

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