Archaeological Museum in Selinunte

Archaeological Museum in Selinunte

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 Marinella (TP)

The Museum of the Archaeological Park of Selinunte is located in the Baglio Florio, a nineteenth-century structure that houses one of the Florio family's entrepreneurial activities.
Inside the museum, various examples of Doric architecture are exhibited , such as the Temple Y, a peripteral temple of unknown location whose remains, reused in the fortifications of the North Gate, were assembled at the end of a large room in the museum. There are also exhibits ranging from the Archaic to the Hellenistic age, including the crossed spearheads driven into the ground by the first settlers at the time of taking possession of the territory, an ancient Corinthian vase dated to the time of the settlement on the site and the aulos, a bone wind instrument that testifies to the existence of religious ceremonies punctuated by the sound in the feasts in honor of the divinity to whom the temple seems to be dedicated, the goddess Demeter .
In the museum itinerary it is also possible to admire terracotta frames that decorated the tops of the temples.

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