Cassibile Papier Mache Nativity Scene

Cassibile Papier Mache Nativity Scene


 Via della Caserma - Cassibile(SR)

The Nativity Scene in the Village of Cartapesta di Cassibile, created entirely in papier-mache, is one of the largest nativity scenes in Italy of its kind.
Arranged over 3000 square meters, it offers the visitor an indoor area within which it is possible to admire the papier mache village reproduced in miniature. Externally, a path is proposed that winds along the streets of the village, also created in papier-mâché, where life-size figures, some of which in movement, give life to various artisan shops that represent crafts dating back to the early 1900s. the path continues up to the Nativity, the heart of the village. Everything is proposed in the simplicity and naturalness of the time through the realistic scenography that frames everything in a unique landscape setting.

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