Wreck of the Columns in Marzamemi

Wreck of the Columns in Marzamemi

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  Marzamemi (SR)

The Wreck of the Columns is one of the most interesting archaeological sites of Marzamemi and is preserved in its seabed. It therefore represents an extraordinary underwater itinerary .
The site houses a load of marble columns from Attic Greece from the 3rd century. AD, coming from the current island of Marmara, white in color with blue veins, transported by ship in Roman times. Nothing is left of the wreck and its wooden elements since the ship sank on a rocky bottom which exposed it to the action of sea water which completely eroded it. The columns and blocks have variable dimensions, in particular a column isolated from the main core of the load is presented in all its majesty with exceptional measures, 6.40 meters long with a diameter of about 185 cm contributes to making the dive extremely spectacular. .
The columns lie on a very rich backdrop from the naturalistic point of view with algae, sponges, sea urchins and sea stars. The seabed can be visited easily as it is in shallow and easy-to-navigate waters. Diving is easy and can also be done by snorkeling.

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