Convent of the Capuchins in Melilli

Convent of the Capuchins in Melilli


 Via Cappuccini, 17 - Melilli (SR)

The Capuchin convent of Melilli, with the adjoining church, is a large religious complex in the city. The foundation of the convent dates back to 1616. The earthquake of 1693 almost entirely destroyed the building and several friars lost their lives under the rubble. A further earthquake, in 1848, caused numerous damage to the structure, which was reinforced by applying containment chains made with the contribution of the faithful. After the earthquake of 1990, important restoration and consolidation works were started, which restored the entire complex to its original physiognomy and beauty.
With a simple and austere architecture, the convent is built around a cloister.
The church with a single nave, dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi, has two side chapels on the left side and three minor altars on the right.
Among the works kept inside the church, of particular value are: the polyptych of the high altar which consists of six canvases, set in a precious wooden frame, the work of cabinet-making friars, dated 1736; the 18th century wooden case attributed to the Capuchin Fra Angelo Gagliano da Mazzarino; a small 19th century wooden statue of the Immaculate Conception much venerated by the faithful; the wooden balustrades and the precious wardrobe of the sacristy.
The splendid Convent every year becomes the scene of the traditional and suggestive "Living Nativity" which every year welcomes more than 13000 visitors.

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