Church of San Carlo in Noto

Church of San Carlo in Noto

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 Corso Emanuele, 121 - Noto (SR)

The Church of San Carlo Borromeo is the church of the Jesuit convent of Noto.
It was built in the 16th century to replace the pre-existing church destroyed by the 1693 earthquake, probably based on a project by Rosario Gagliardi.
The façade, on three levels, is characterized by the use of free columns and by the characteristic mixtilinear-convex course. The building material is the local golden lime. The bell and the High Altar come from the ancient Jesuit church of Noto Antica, destroyed by the devastating earthquake of the Val di Noto in 1693. The bell tower of the church can be visited and allows you to admire the panorama of the historic center di Noto.
The church has a longitudinal plan with three naves covered by a barrel vault and marked by semi-columns. In the choir loft, above the entrance to the church, there is an eighteenth-century organ. The vault has three frescoes attributed to Costantino Carasi and depicting: the Transfiguration, the Healing of the paralytic and in the center the Triumph of Agnus Dei. The Evangelists are frescoed on the pendentives of the dome, and below are four statues representing the Cardinal Virtues: Temperance, Fortitude, Justice and Prudence. On the High Altar there are two marble statues that symbolize Faith and Hope, works by the sculptor Giuseppe Giuliano.
Among the works kept inside the church we remember: the Sacrifice of Isaac of the XVIII century, the Flight into Egypt of the XVIII century, the Deposition of the XVI century, San Carlo Borromeo Visit the plague victims of the XVII-XVIII century, the Madonna with Child and Saints of the XVIII century, the Biblical scene of the XVIII century, San Ignazio di Loyola of the century. XVIII, and St. Louis in gilded and painted carved wood.

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