Mouth of Fiumefreddo River Nature Reserve

Mouth of Fiumefreddo River Nature Reserve

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  Via Marina, 1 - Fiumefreddo (CT)

The Oriented Natural Reserve of the Fiumefreddo River is a protected natural area located in the municipalities of Calatabiano and Fiumefreddo di Sicilia, near the mouth of the Fiumefreddo river. The watercourse, just 2 km long, which rises in the small coastal plain has created an area of ​​high naturalistic value due to the presence of very specialized and rare species and plant communities linked to the cold and deep waters of the river.
The particular ecological conditions make it possible to host a particular fauna in the watercourse and its floodplain, which is influenced by these conditions and is much richer and more diversified than that of other streams and lowland rivers. This area, together with the area of ​​the Oriented River Ciane and Saline Nature Reserve of Syracuse, is the only site where the papyrus grows spontaneously.
The location near the source of one of the few Sicilian colonies is significant. of Cyperus papyrus.

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