Ciampoli Palace in Taormina

Ciampoli Palace in Taormina

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  Salita Ciampoli - Taormina(ME)

The Palazzo Ciampoli in Taormina was a noble residence in Catalan style
It was built in 1412 and the date of construction is visible in the emblem contained in the rhombus above the main portal, but the existence of two coats of arms the same, the shield with the flag and the shield with three stars, both in the Palazzo Ciàmpoli and in the Palazzo Corvaja, has led to believe that in the past the palace belonged to the Corvaja. The palace then took the name of Ciàmpoli from the family who kept the property until it was purchased by the Region of Sicily.
All the noble residences of Taormina were built within the fortified perimeter, with the exception of the Palazzo Ciàmpoli, erected along the Via Consolare Valeria, in the medieval village of the city that once extended from the clock tower to Porta Catania, inside the city ​​walls, near the Cathedral.
The structure shows only its main façade, which rests on a wide and steep staircase. The Palzzo stands with a simple and elegant façade marked by merlons and with five mullioned windows resting on a two-tone string course of rare beauty, worked with small rosettes, with inlays of lava stone and Syracuse stone. Palazzo Ciampoli is open exclusively for events and exhibitions.

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