Coves and Caves of Marettimo

Coves and Caves of Marettimo

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  Marettimo - Isole Egadi (TP)

Marettimo is an island full of caves, both emerged and submerged, and small and wonderful pebble bays that can be reached by boat and visited in a circumnavigation of the island. The main ones are (clockwise starting from the inhabited area of ​​the island): Scalo Vecchio and Scalo Nuovo beaches; Rotolo beach; Praia dei Nacchi; Forklift area; Cretazzo beach; Punta Libeccio and Cala Nera; Grotta della Bombarda; Cave of the Nativity; Perciata cave; Cala Bianca; Grotta della Pipa; Cala Manione and Scalo Maestro; Grotta del Tuono; Grotta del Cammello.

The Beaches of Scalo Vecchio and Scalo Nuovo in Marettimo are located respectively near the Old Port and the New Port. The bays with splendid beaches, bathed by blue and clear waters, are easily accessible due to the proximity to the town. The coast slopes slowly and for this reason access to the water is very simple. For these reasons, the beaches are also suitable for families with children and inexperienced swimmers. | It is a small pebble beach, with a comfortable access to the sea. In the afternoon it is in the shade. It can be reached from the inhabited area of ​​the island with a walk of just 15 minutes on foot, along the road that leads to the vicinity of the cemetery.

Cala Praia dei Nacchi in Marettimo is located in the south east area of ​​the island. It is a beautiful beach made up of pebbles, with some sandy spots within a suggestive inlet. The beach is generally not very crowded, ideal for those who love silence and nature. In the afternoon it is in the shade. The cove is easily reachable with a walk of about 20 minutes, along the path near the cemetery.

The Zotta Muletti di Marettimo is located on the southwest side of the island. The area has comfortable rocks that gently slope towards the sea, creating a very suggestive scenario. It is possible to reach the area by land with a journey of about an hour and a half, following the path that leads to Punta Libeccio and taking the first descent to the sea after Carcaredda. Much of the path is sheltered under the shade of pine trees. The path, especially in some parts, is not very easy.

The Cretazzo Beach in Marettimo is located on the southwest side of the island. It is a beautiful beach of pebbles and pebbles, one of the most beautiful on the island, excellent for sunbathing and swimming, bathed in emerald-colored water. Also ideal for snorkeling as it offers a vast fish fauna. It is possible to reach the beach by land with a journey of about two hours, following the path towards Zona Muletti and continuing towards Punta Libeccio up to the junction with the indication for the beach.

Punta Libeccio in Marettimo is located on the opposite side from that of the inhabited area of ​​the island. Cala Nera is located under the lighthouse of Punta Libeccio. It is a very beautiful cove but reaching it is extremely difficult. It is necessary to take the path towards Zotta muletti, and once you reach Carcaredda, follow the signs towards Punta Libeccio. The path is very suggestive and pleasantly accompanied by the shade of the pines. To access the cove it will be necessary to descend from the rocks and then reach it for the last stretch by swimming. It is recommended to reach it by boat.

Bombarda Cave in Marettimo takes its name from a particular characteristic: when the sea is very rough, the waves banging in the cave generate a puff of air and water which, coming out from a hole connected to the outside, produces a sound that resembles the roar generated by a bomb. The cave has, at the top, a stalagmite that seems to have the shape of the pope's headdress, at the bottom a hole connected to the outside responsible for the particular sound emitted by the cave in case of rough sea. The cave can be reached by sea.

The Presepe Cave  owes its name to its limestone deposits: the stalactites and stalagmites take on particular shapes in which popular imagination has seen the figures of the creche. To fully enjoy this scenery, in order to have the best light conditions, it is advisable to visit the cave in the late afternoon. The cave can be reached by sea.

The Perciata Cave di Marettimo is one of the most evocative caves on the island . Since the cave is very large it is possible to cross it by boat. Inside there are many limestone deposits, stalactites and stalagmites. Particularly striking is the seabed which, being partly sandy, gives the water beautiful colors. It is advisable to visit it during the afternoon hours as the light conditions are optimal: the sun's rays illuminate it upon entering the cave, creating a wonderful play of colors and lights.

Cala Bianca in Marettimo is considered the most beautiful and famous cove on the island. It is an inlet with a backdrop of fine white sand, about ten meters deep, and turquoise water. It is a protected marine area and the seabed is rich in marine fauna. In the waters of Cala Bianca you can swim among many fish of different shapes and sizes. The cove can be reached with a demanding trekking excursion, or very comfortably by boat.

The Pipa Cave  owes its name to the particular shape of its structure. The cave has a very large initial compartment, which reaches a height of about twenty meters, and continues towards the interior of the island, for about a hundred meters, through a narrower opening, recalling the shape of a pipe. The cave ends with a fresh water tank where ancient artifacts have been found inside such as shards, oil lamps and the remains of skins, which testifies to a long frequentation of this cave in the past. The presence of fresh water inside made it an ideal and safe refuge.

Cala Manione and Scalo Maestro in Marettimo are located in the northernmost area of ​​the island. They are suggestive and tiny sandy coves inserted in a particularly wild and uncontaminated context. It is possible to reach the coves by land following the path, towards Punta Troia, which lasts about an hour and a half. In some places, however, the path is not at all easy and extends overhanging the sea. Once in the vicinity of the castle is the beach of Scalo Maestro, on the opposite side of the neck of Punta Troia is Cala Manione. It is advisable to reach the area by sea.

The Tuono Cave in Marettimo takes its name from the peculiarities of its rocky conformation: when the sea is rough and the waves break in inside the cave, the resulting noise is that of a thunder that heralds the storm. The bottoms of the are deep and the waters transparent.

The Cammello Cave in Marettimo owes its name to the shape of the rock located near its opening. In this place specimens of monk seals have been spotted that find refuge in the cave, give birth and raise their own cubs. The specimens, which appeared to have disappeared from this place, have recently been sighted again. It is advisable to visit the cave in the middle of the day because the sunlight, filtering through an inlet between the rocks, creates splendid plays of light.

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