Coves of Levanzo

Coves of Levanzo

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  Levanzo - Isole Egadi (TP)

From Trapani: Favignana and Levanzo Mini Cruise with Lunch

Embark on an island-hopping day trip from Trapani. Explore Favignana and Levanzo's beauty and their stunning beaches, cruise along amazing coastlines, swim in pristine coves, and savor onboard lunch.

Levanzo offers beautiful pebble and sandy beaches, many of which can also be reached on foot. The coves of Levanzo are (clockwise starting from the inhabited area of ​​the island): Cala Dogana; Cala Faraglione; Cala Tramontana; Cala Calcara; Cala Nucidda; Cala Minnola; and Cala Fredda.

Cala Dogana in Levanzo is located on the stretch of coast south of the island, next to the port of the small town. Cala Dogana is a small pebble beach immersed in a very picturesque setting. It is in fact surrounded by the white houses of the fishermen and the boats pulled aground, hand painted in bright colors. The beach is easily reachable on foot from the town center, has easy access to the sea and is also suitable for families with children and less experienced swimmers.

The Cala Faraglione di Levanzo it owes its name to the stack that stands out in front of the small pebble beach. It is one of the most fascinating and typical areas of the island. The view of the island of Favignana just opposite is magnificent. The beauty of the seabed is also astonishing: the fragments of Posidonia alternating with spikes, cusps, slabs, small suspended arches and through holes generate backdrops with a varied morphology. The marine fauna is also very rich and varied, fascinating fish of various colors including Salpe, Saraghi, Parrot fish or the very black Castagnole and the very small Shrimps. Suggestive from Cala Faraglione is the spectacle of the sunset. The cove can be reached on foot after a pleasant walk of about 1 km.

Cala Tramontana in Levanzo is a large cove with high and steep cliffs on the sides and a large limestone slide at the center that continues under the surface of the water. This place fascinates with the beauty of the landscape and the still wild environment. The rocky seabed offers shelter to a considerable amount of fish, therefore the area is also recommended for snorkelers. Cala Tramontana, reachable by one of the many boat excursions, can also be reached on foot but the path is quite challenging and not recommended.

Cala Calcara in Levanzo is a wild beach located on the eastern side of the island, beyond Cala Minnola. In this area there are the most beautiful seabeds of the island rich in marine flora and fauna. Among the varieties of fish present there are several species of gorgonians, in particular the Purple Paramuricee, and the white octopuses. The cove can be easily reached by boat. It is also possible to reach it on foot along the path that, starting from Cala Dogana, follows the coast to the east. The path is challenging and not recommended.

Cala Nucidda in Levanzo is a small cove located on the eastern side of the island. The cove is very popular on days when the sirocco wind blows because, given its position, it is very sheltered. Cala Nucidda can be reached by sea or by land, even if the path is a little difficult.

Cala Minnola in Levanzo is the most popular of the coves as it is the easiest to reach. The cove is characterized by rock, sand and posidonia, the sea is emerald green. In front of the cove there is a pine forest equipped with picnic tables. The cove also offers a very attractive archaeological-underwater itinerary due to the presence of a wreck of a Roman cargo ship, loaded with wine amphorae, dating back to the first half of the 1st century. B.C. Of the hull, obviously, there are few traces left but various finds lie on the bottom of the sea in their original position, at a depth of 30 meters and 100 meters from the coast. The cove can be reached on foot with a 20-minute walk, from the town of Levanzo, first a small road and then a path to the east.

Cala Fredda a Levanzo rises on the southern coast of the island. The cove has a small beach of very light gravel and rocks, and is surrounded by wild nature. The sea takes on intense blue colors. Cala Fredda is also suitable for families with children and less experienced swimmers, since the area is very sheltered, the sea is generally very calm. Getting into the water is also very easy. The beach can be reached in about a minute's walk from the town of Levanzo, along a road heading east.

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