Locations for diving in Egadi Islands

Locations for diving in Egadi Islands

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 Isole Egadi (TP)

The sea surrounding the Egadi islands offers seabeds rich in marine flora and fauna, ideal for diving . There are numerous underwater experiences that can be experienced in the splendid depths of the archipelago.

The Galeotta in Favignana is one of the simplest diving spots to reach and does not present particular difficulties. It is an islet whose submerged part gradually descends to -31mt. The most superficial part of the profile of the islet is characterized by a series of ravines that are home to octopuses, moray eels, conger eels, sea lilies, parazoanthus, starfish, and nudibranchs. During the dive it is also possible to meet snapper and sea bream or, rarely, the sea eagle.

Cala Rotonda in Favignana offers a simple yet charming dive. The dive takes place in a cave, whose entrance is located at a depth of 8 meters and whose ceiling is covered with astroides and parazoanthus. The cave is about thirty meters long and has an exit in a pool in the cliff of the cove. Inside the cave you can meet crooks, ravens, conger eels and moray eels.

The Secca del Toro in Favignana is considered the most beautiful dive on the island. The dive is suitable for medium-level experienced divers due to the presence of strong currents. The shoal is characterized by the presence of a variety of species such as yellow and red gorgonians, parazoanthus and spirographs, branches of gerardia savaglia. Shoals of barracudas populate the shoal. The walls are populated by lobsters and lobsters. One of the major attractions of the dive are the splendid branches of Gerardia Savaglia or Mediterranean black coral, which can be found along the outer wall of the shoal, towards the sandy bottom.

The Scoglio Corrente in Favignana is an area characterized, as the name indicates, by strong currents. For this reason, diving can become particularly interesting, as this area is a probable point of passage for large hunting fish.

The portion of the seabed between Cala Minnola and Punta Altarella in Levanzo offers a splendid underwater archaeological itinerary : between 27 and 30 meters deep, you they find the remains of a Roman wreck, about fifty wine amphorae and fragments of black-painted ceramic pottery dating back to the 1st century BC. Of the hull, of course, there are few traces left, but the amphorae of the wreck lie on the seabed in their original position.

Cala Calcarea in Levanzo is the kingdom of divers. Here the seabed is among the most beautiful on the island. With a dive 200 meters from the shore you can observe the many varieties of fish present, including several species of gorgonians, in particular the Purple Paramuricee, and the white octopuses.

The immersion in the Cathedral in Marettimo is the immersion in a cave located on the sandy bottom at a depth of 30 meters. The entrance to the cave is the only opening of the cave itself and is located along the fall of an edge. It is important to anchor on the overlying point, given the frequent presence of a consistent current. The entrance is very wide, full of many types of sponges, the cave extends for about 80 meters with a height of about 10 meters and goes up to a depth of 14 meters. It is particularly beautiful and evocative due to the succession of stalactites, stalagmites and columns, which seem to support the vault, each encrusted with various organisms that are clearly visible thanks to the clarity of the water. During the journey, a statuette appears that looks like a Madonna, in reality it is a beautiful stalagmite sculpted by nature. For this reason the cave is known as the Cathedral. In the cave dwells the large Musdea, while Torpedini are lying on the bottom and some large lobster circulates, between the stalactites the mechanical shrimp and the greater shrimp move among the stalactites. The dive is very demanding due to the presence of sand which can make visibility difficult. It is recommended for divers with perfect buoyancy control.

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