Florio Museum in Favignana

Florio Museum in Favignana

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  Via Amendola - Favignana (TP)

The Museum of the former Florio factory contains a small section dedicated to the Florio family, two highly effective holographic multimedia installations where the death chamber comes to life and where the testimonies of the people who worked in this are collected. establishment. Inside the museum there is a room dedicated to the projection of historical films, two dedicated to the display of images of the great photographers of the Magnum agency, a series of educational panels on fishing and tuna processing. In the oil room, on the other hand, the cans where the tuna was canned are exhibited.
Inside the museum complex there is also an Archaeological Museum which exhibits finds collected in the Egadi islands, such as amphorae of various types and historical periods, prehistoric finds, a headless statue, the pilgrim's flask, a Roman rostrum found in the waters of the Egadi.

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