Favignana Beaches and Caves

Favignana Beaches and Caves

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  Favignana - Isole Egadi (TP)

From Trapani: Favignana and Levanzo Mini Cruise with Lunch

Embark on an island-hopping day trip from Trapani. Explore Favignana and Levanzo's beauty and their stunning beaches, cruise along amazing coastlines, swim in pristine coves, and savor onboard lunch.

Favignana is characterized by less indented coasts than the other islands of the archipelago and this allows access from land to most of its inlets. The beaches of the island (clockwise starting from the inhabited area of ​​the island) are: Praia Beach; Cala Graziosa; Punta San Nicola; Horse stopover; Cala Rossa; Bue Marino; Punta Marsala; Cala Azzurra; Punta Fanfalo; Perciata cave; Lido Burrone; Slide; Calamoni beach; Punta Long; Marasolo beach; Cala del Passo; Cala Preveto; Cala Stornello; Cala Rotonda; Cala Grande; Thin tip; Punta Ferro; Cala Pozzo; Punta Faraglione; and Grotta degli Innamorati.

The Praia Beach is one of the closest to the town of Favignana . The Praia Beach is characterized by its wonderful fine and very clear sand and by the splendid crystalline waters that allow you to easily admire the spectacular backdrops. The beach is equipped and has all the services and is very suitable for families with children. It can be reached from the town center on foot in a couple of minutes. The beach is located at the foot of Colle di Santa Caterina which makes the waters particularly calm, as the beach is sheltered from the winds.

Cala Graziosa in Favignana , close to the town, in the area San Nicola, is a cove of sand and rocks characterized by small pools of salt water carved into the stone. The peculiarity of the Cala is that, when the Scirocco wind blows, the deep seabed becomes visible. The beach is suitable for everyone. It is recommended for snorkelers.

The Punta San Nicola Beach is located near the town of Favignana , and is easily reachable thanks to a comfortable asphalted road. It is a beautiful beach with clean sand and crystal clear waters, suitable for all types of swimmers.

Scalo Cavallo in Favignana is a suggestive terrace situated above a cliff peak on the sea. The area is ideal for those who love diving off the rocks but also has a cove surrounded by low rocks that are easily accessible. Nearby there is a tuff quarry, which makes this location more suggestive.

The Cala Rossa Beach , inside the stupendous tuff quarries, is the most beautiful and the most famous beach on the island of Favignana .The rocks of the coast, of various shapes and sizes, plunge into crystal clear blue water. A small beach opens up between the inlets created by the rocks, thanks to the contribution of sand carried by the currents. It is a wild beach set in the golden limestone quarries that offers an unparalleled panorama, with the island of Levanzo dominating the horizon of the bay's panorama. The name Cala Rossa derives from the Carthaginian blood that would have dyed the water red, poured by the Romans during the Battle of the Egadi in 241 BC, with which the First Punic War ended. The Roman commander Lutatius Catulus sank over 50 Carthaginian ships and captured 70, causing thousands of deaths and forcing Carthage to surrender. Although the battle had been fought off the island of Levanzo, a strong mistral wind dragged the blood of the numerous fallen to the shores of this cove. It is possible to reach the cove by boat or by land along a long path in altitude.

The Reef of the Bue Marino , on the island of Favignana , it is characterized by the particular architecture of the tuff quarries which give it a very suggestive aspect. The waters are very deep and hide splendid depths. The place, recommended only for experienced swimmers due to the strong currents, is ideal for those who love diving, diving and snorkeling.

The area of ​​ Punta Marsala in Favignana embraces various rocky and sandy coves. Among these, the most famous is the Cala Azzurra. The area is easily accessible by car, bike or scooter thanks to the presence of an asphalted road. The asphalted road ends at the lighthouse, the point from which the dirt path starts which it is advisable to walk.

The Cala Azzurra is one of the best known sandy beaches in Favignana. The beach is located in an area protected from the winds, and is therefore characterized by a particularly calm sea. It consists of two beaches with very fine sand of a very light color, almost white, separated by a group of rocks. The backdrop is white with pink reflections. The beach is located on the south-eastern side of the island of Favignana, and is easily accessible from the town even with the help of bicycles. It is suitable for all types of swimmers including children. Punta Fanfalo is a splendid cliff located on the south-eastern side of the island of Favignana. The area is ideal for snorkelers. The cliff overhangs the sea and therefore is not suitable for families with small children and people with mobility problems.

The Perciata Cave of Favignana is made up of two caves whose vault fell. It is a very suggestive place because once the caves had emerged and inhabited and still show traces of niches in which cinerary urns were kept.

The Lido Burrone beach in Favignana , located on the south east coast of the island, it is the largest beach in all of Favignana. The long beach, bathed by a crystalline and transparent sea, has a shallow and sandy bottom. It is the only large equipped beach in Favignana. Easy to reach, it is located just outside the town. It is a location suitable for everyone, especially children.

The Scivolo a Favignana , located between Lido Burrone and the Calamoni beach, is a cove of low rocks and plates emerging from the crystalline sea, so called due to the presence of a natural rock slide that degrades into the water. The seabed is sandy and, just five minutes away by swimming, there is a wonderful shallow shoal, surrounded by a very blue sea. The cove is easily accessible thanks to the many asphalted paths that serve this place and facilitate access.

The Calamoni Beach is a set of small natural sandy coves, each of which is separates it from the others by some rocks, which represent the main attraction of this wonderful landscape. Calamoni Beach is also known as the Favignana Cliff. Despite the predominance of the rocks, arriving at the sea is still possible without any difficulty, thanks to two easily passable accesses that allow bathers to immerse themselves in its crystalline waters. The beach is recommended for everyone, including children. Calamoni Beach is located in the southern area of ​​the island of Favignana, easy to reach thanks to the many paved paths that serve this place and facilitate access.

Punta Lunga in Favignana is a wild spit of land that stretches towards the sea, preceded by a very picturesque small fishing village, with typical houses overlooking the marina. In this area, a series of rocky coves emerge with low and flat rocks where you can sunbathe. The sea is crystal clear and extraordinarily transparent and entering its waters requires a lot of attention for the jagged rocks to be overcome to get wet. Nearby there is also a natural shelter for small boats: a quay and a quayside cliff. It is easily accessible by bike, it is located just outside the town.

The Beach of Marasolo di Favignana is located near the Porticciolo di Punta. The long beach is surrounded by low rocks emerging from a crystalline sea. Not far away we find Scinto Passo, a succession of small coves and very suggestive rocky inlets reachable by sea. The beach can be easily reached by land or by sea. It is a beach suitable for everyone and is particularly recommended for families with children.

Cala del Passo in Favignana , located between the Marasolo beach and the Cala del Preveto, hides one of the most beautiful beaches of Favignana. It is a pebble beach washed by a crystalline sea. The beach, despite its remarkable beauty, is not very crowded because it is very difficult to reach. It is located near the coastal road but can only be reached via a fairly demanding descent.

The Cala del Preveto in Favignana , located at the foot of a valley, hides a pebble beach washed by crystal clear waters. In front of the beach is the island of seagulls, which can also be reached by swimming. The area is very suitable for snorkelers. The cove can be reached by sea and by land thanks to the paved road that connects it to the town of Favignana, but the path to reach it is quite difficult.

Cala Stornello in Favignana , next to the more famous Cala Rotonda, is a rocky inlet that surrounds a crystalline sea. From the cove you can admire the Correnti rock and the islets Galera, Preveto and Galeotta. The area is recommended for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts due to the beautiful backdrops rich in marine flora and fauna.

Cala Rotonda is one of the best known coves of the island of Favignana due to the presence of a stone arch shaped by the waters and the wind that takes name of Arco di Ulisse, one of the symbols of the island. Historians believe that the Arch of Ulysses is the Island of the Goats, the place where Ulysses landed with his companions, facts narrated in Homer's Odyssey. The natural monument divides the cove into two parts and around it there are small sandy beaches mixed with pebbles and cliffs bathed by deep and clear waters, accessible both from land and by sea. Cala Rotonda Favignana beach is the ideal place for snorkeling. Cala Rotonda is accessed via a dirt road. The beach has no dining options and there are some accommodation facilities nearby.

The Cala Grande beach in Favignana is located on the southwestern tip of the island. It is a very articulated cove full of small fjords and small sandy beaches bathed by a beautiful transparent and crystalline sea. The seabed is rich in flora and fauna, ideal for snorkelers. The lighthouse in the background and the sun setting behind it is one of the most evocative spectacles that the island offers. There is the possibility of parking, even for cars, in the area.

Punta Sottile in Favignana is motto for its splendid sunsets. At sunset the sun plunges into the sea behind the lighthouse that stands out on the horizon. To attend this show, it is advisable to arrive at least half an hour before sunset, because in summer the sun does not set over the sea but behind the island of Marettimo. Punta Sottile is characterized by a succession of coves and small inlets ideal for snorkelers, with two small pebble beaches also suitable for families with children. The beach can be reached by car, bike or scooter thanks to a convenient asphalted road.

Punta Ferro in Favignana , also known as Calazza, located not far from Punta Faraglione, is a bay with rocks and white sand beaches, with splendid rocky bottoms full of life and colors, ideal for snorkelers. It is located in one of the farthest points from the town of Favignana, the road is unpaved but presents less difficulty than the one that leads to Punta Faraglione.

The Cala del Pozzo di Favignana beach , located on the north west coast of the island near Punta Faraglione, is a beautiful bay with rocks and white sandy beaches. The beach is immersed in a splendid natural setting, bathed by a beautiful turquoise, transparent and crystalline sea, rich in fish and sea urchins. The beach is characterized by being one of the most sheltered beaches on the island from the sirocco wind, thus offering a sea that is almost always calm and never choppy.

Punta Faraglione in Favignana is characterized by coves of rocks, sand and pebbles. The coves are surrounded by rock walls that offer shade under a hot sun at any time of day. Punta Faraglione is not very easy to reach due to the bumpy path that you have to take.

The Lovers' Cave extends inside the mountain for about ten meters, opening into a series of tunnels. The two tunnels at the bottom of the cave can be covered by swimming, with the aid of a light bulb, and lead to an immense cave with a golden color. The cave can be reached by sea.

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