Sanctuary of Segesta

Sanctuary of Segesta


 Contrata Barbaro, SR 22 - Calatafimi (TP)

The Sanctuary of Contrada Mango di Segesta rises outside the walls of the ancient city and dates back to the sixth century BC
The sanctuary is of remarkable proportions. A temeno wall encloses a large area within which several buildings must have existed, indicted by numerous architectural elements such as capitals and columns. Unfortunately, the excavation that brought it to light is in its early stages so no in-depth studies have been recorded.
Among the finds of archaeological importance there is the discovery of a stone slab which bears a tapered portal upwards, with an "Egyptian throat" architrave: a clear reference of oriental decoration which confirms the Tucididian position regarding the origins of the Elymians from the Middle Eastern regions.
The sanctuary of the Mango district it can be visited by reservation only.

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