Temple of Segesta

Temple of Segesta

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 Contrata Barbaro, SR 22 - Calatafimi (TP)

The Temple of the Archaeological Park of Segesta is one of the few monuments that have been perfectly preserved since antiquity.
The Doric temple has a slightly different structure from the canonical Greek temples given the absence of any internal structure . Among the hypotheses that can give an explanation to the lack of cell and roof is credited the one that believes that a Greek model has been adopted only in its external and formal aspect. It is believed that the proximity of the Greek cities, first of all Selinunte, has generated the idea of ​​building a large and showy Templar building in the Greek way, but adapting it to one's own needs of worship and to one's own culture.
The temple, built between 430 and 420 BC, it is of a peripteral hexastyle Doric style, facing east with fourteen columns on the long sides and six on the short sides. The building has no cell and no roof. Some signs show that the works were never completed : the columns are not fluted, the blocks of the steps are not chiseled and the crowns of the capitals are incomplete.

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