Saline of Trapani and Paceco

Saline of Trapani and Paceco

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The Oriented Natural Reserve of the Saline di Trapani and Paceco is a protected natural area within which the ancient sea salt extraction activity takes place. From a naturalistic point of view, it is an important wetland area that offers shelter to numerous species of migratory birds. The area is therefore a very rare example in which productive activities and conservation of nature coexist.
The presence of numerous windmills and mounds of salt . The mills are traditionally of different types: those used to pump the water between the basins, the mill for lifting the water, called "American", and finally those for grinding the salt crystals.
From a naturalistic point of view, the saline environment, strongly brackish, hosts numerous herbaceous or shrub species adapted to the extreme environmental conditions that this area presents.
The area of ​​the reserve is of particular ornithological interest as it constitutes a rest area on the migration route to Africa. Considering both nesting and wintering species, 208 different bird species have been recorded, including the avocet which has been elected as the symbol of the Reserve.

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