Mother Church in Butera

The Mother Church of Butera, dedicated to St. Thomas, stands in the northern part of the city.
It was built starting from the end of the 12th century and only completed in the 16th century.
Externally it looks like a compact mass of masonry Stone. In the main entrance door, half-arched in shape, a semi-capital can be seen in the center surmounted by the papal coat of arms.
The Church is in the form of a Latin cross and has a single nave.
Inside the church there are works of notable artistic value: the altarpiece of the Madonna degli Angeli, placed on the main altar, a work by Filippo Paladino from the 17th century; the 15th century triptych painted on wood depicting Saint Thomas the Apostle, Saint Peter the Apostle, Mary Most Holy of Grace and the triumphal cross from the 14th century; a panel painting depicting Crucified Christ Conquering sin and death.

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