Mother Church of Cateltermini

Mother Church of Cateltermini

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 Piazza Duomo, Casteltermini (AG)

The Mother Church of Casteltermini, dedicated to San Vincenzo Ferreri, is the town's main cult building.
It has a Renaissance style facade divided into two orders: the lower one in Corinthian style, the upper one in composite style. At the lateral ends of the two floors of the façade there are four statues in baked clay, depicting Saint Peter and Saint Paul above, Saint Joseph and Saint Vincent below. The church has a large dome belonging to the Tuscan order which, seen from the inside on the four pendentives on which it rests, presents the effigy of the four evangelists with their respective iconographic symbols: the angel representing Saint Matthew, the eagle Saint John, the lion San Marco, the bull San Luca.
Of particular value are the bronze doors at the entrance to the church. Each of them is divided into 32 panels. In the left door the Sacraments are depicted in the central part, while some perimeter panels recall some citizens of Casteltermini honorable in various fields. In the right door, in the central part, the cardinal and theological virtues are illustrated, while in the lateral ones the coat of arms of the Termini family, the figure of the Madonna to whom the Church is dedicated and images that recall the greater feast and work traditions of the Castelterminesi In the central door the fromelle all have a religious theme with the exception of some perimeter panels in which G.A. is depicted. and Cosmi, the illustrious pedagogist who from 1752 to 1754, treasurer of the Mother Church, owner of the parish Don Giovanni Di Liberto and of some churches of Casteltermini.
Inside the church there are valuable works by Velasquez and statues by the sculptor Castelterminese Michele Caltagirone, known as Quarantino.

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