Church of Maria dell'Itria in Favara

Church of Maria dell'Itria in Favara

Toni Pecoraro - CC1.0


 Piazza Itria - Favara (AG)

The Church of the Beata Maria Vergine dell'Itria in Favara , known as the Church of Itria, from an architectural point of view is the oldest in Favara.
It was built around 1530 at the behest of the Brotherhood of Our Lady of Itria. According to an ancient eighteenth-century manuscript, it was originally a fort of the Chiaramonte used for the control and defense of the territory and only later was it transformed into a church. This hypothesis is confirmed by the presence, up to the 1950s, of the Chiaramonte coat of arms above the entrance portal.
The façade has an ogival portal of considerable value.
The interior with a single nave has a large arch depressed that precedes the altar inside the church which dates back to the early fifteenth century. Overall, the structure refers to neoclassicism, very popular at the time.
Among the works kept in the prestigious church are: the wooden statue of the Madonna dell'Itria dating back to the 16th century and a large crucifix on the altar dating back to the same period.

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