Monte Saraceno Archaeological Site in Ravanusa

The Monte Saraceno Archaeological Site in Ravanusa is a site of considerable historical and artistic interest.
Monte Saraceno was inhabited by the Sicani between the 8th and 6th centuries BC. and subsequently by the Greeks who remained there until the first decades of the 3rd century BC.
The first traces of settlements were found on the summit plateau of the mountain and date back to the 8th - 7th century. A Sican village consisting of circular huts dates back to this period, which was destroyed around the middle of the 7th century and subsequently rebuilt with rectilinear houses. Valuable indigenous vases decorated with engraving and impressions and a vase on a high foot used to burn cereals in honor of the divinities, today kept in the Salvatore Lauricella Archaeological Museum of Ravanusa, date back to this era.
Probably due to a conflict against the Greeks, village life stopped in the 6th century. The village was rebuilt at the hands of the Greeks: the upper part of the hill became the acropolis, while the city extended up to the lower terrace and was fortified with walls. A large necropolis has also been identified at the foot of the hill towards the river. The period of maximum flowering of the center was placed between the 6th century and the 5th century BC. It is believed that the ancient Greek city can be identified with the city of Kakyron.

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