Casa del Nespolo of Aci Trezza

Casa del Nespolo of Aci Trezza

Giovanni.grasso - CC4.0


 Via Arciprete Salvatore De Maria, 15 - Aci Trezza (CT)

The House of Nespolo is a museum housed in an old house with a typically Sicilian architectural structure from the mid-19th century in Aci Trezza.
The courtyard, a small vegetable garden and the entrance characterized by a rounded lava stone arch introduce the visitor inside. The small museum has two rooms: the first, the "La terra trema" room, contains photographs, posters and various testimonies of the 1947 Luchino Visconti film masterpiece of the same name. The second, the "Room of the Malavoglias", houses testimonies from the world of the fishermen of Acitrezza in the mid-nineteenth century, with a collection of ancient work tools and furnishings of everyday life. Of particular interest are the photos taken personally by Giovanni Verga and the collection of letters to his brother Pietro.

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