Volcanic Pillows of Aci Trezza

Volcanic Pillows of Aci Trezza

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 Lungomare dei Ciclopi - Aci Trezza (CT)

The Volcanic Pillows, that is the pillow lavas, present in the town of Aci Trezza are of major importance worldwide in the geological field. Cushion lava is a type of lava formed by characteristic cushion-shaped solidification structures, i.e. rounded and / or elongated blocks. The formation of these structures is due to the sudden cooling of the lava in contact with water. In fact, a plastic and viscous mass is formed enclosed by a thin glassy crust, which under the action of the internal pressure exerted by the fluid and hot lava, is deformed into rounded blocks. In addition to the Riviera dei Ciclopi, these particular rocks can only be observed in Iceland and New Zealand. The pillows of Aci Trezza, which can be observed north of the old port, in particular, have been defined by experts in the field, the most characteristic and extraordinary forms in the world of these particular vulcanites.
The pillows also present in Acicastello and are different from those of Acitrezza because they are more compact: in the pillows of Acitrezza the most resistant part is the hyaloclastic outer shell even if most of them have been carried away by the wrecking fury of the sea. The external hyaloclastic root remains and has remained intact after many thousands of years.

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