Stacks of Aci Trezza

Stacks of Aci Trezza

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 Lungomare dei Ciclopi - Aci Trezza (CT)

The Faraglioni of Aci Trezza are high rocky islets that come out of the sea that form the small archipelago of the islands of the Cyclops. They are the distinctive element of the seaside village of Aci Trezza, formed following intense volcanic activity about half a million years ago.
The archipelago of the Cyclops Islands, which today constitutes a Marine Protected Area, is made up of the Lachea Island, the Grande Faraglione, the Piccolo Faraglione and four other arched rocks. Between the large and small stacks there is the middle stack. Behind the island of Lachea rises the rock of Monaco, while between the island and the large stack rise the rock called the Longa and the Pitrudda. Around these islands rises the legend of Polyphemus: the legend of the Homeric poem sees the birth of the stacks as the fruit of the unfortunate encounter between the Homeric hero and the Cyclops.

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